About our sponsored artist program

WriteHive is a volunteer- and donor-funded project. The donations that we receive go to two things: administrative upkeep (things like domain costs) and the Sponsored Artist Program.

At the end of our annual convention, we provide ALL donations that were not used for administrative costs to an author in need. We understand that publishing can be very expensive -- editing costs, cover design, and other services are often too expensive for newbie authors. We're hoping to change that.

Our Sponsored Artists -- those who have received donation funds to help pay for publishing-related services -- are featured here. Check back regularly to see where they are and what they're doing!

If you would like to apply to the program, continue reading on for rules and what to expect!


2020 Sponsored Artist

Cassandra Stubbs

The Author: Cassandra Stubbs is a Young Adult (YA) Fantasy writer planning to publish under the pen name Cassie Day. No matter what her name is, she's a lover of all things cute, yarn hoarder, and exclamation point enthusiast. She's a loyal Hufflepuff and hot cocoa addict living in the suburbs near Charlotte, North Carolina with two geckos and one very mischievous parrot.

The Book: Siren Daughter is in the midst of its second draft. After finding out I won the Sponsored Artist Program (and after crying for a little while), I started making plans. And considering Siren Daughter is roughly 108,000 words and just the first in a trilogy...it's safe to say those are some fairly big plans! Moving forward, I'll be working on polishing this draft until it shines, then writing the remaining two books so I can quick-release the trilogy. P.S. I never thought I'd be able to self-publish with my budget constraints as a disabled person. Yet here I am, having won the sponsorship, and I actually can publish Siren Daughter. Thank you to WriteHive and all the wonderful patrons who donated toward funding my dream.

The Progress: Cassandra is currently looking for cover artists!


Becoming a WriteHive Sponsored Artist is a simple process! Simply fill out our application form (found below) AND send us a one-page query of your manuscript. The deadline is April 1st, 2020. Our administrative team will review all available applications and announce Round One Winners before the WriteHive convention. Round One Winners will then be asked to submit a writing sample. Five finalists will be selected from that group. The finalists' writing samples will then be sent to our panel of donor judges, who will review each sample and decide on a single winner.

The winner will be announced as the closing event of our WriteHive 2021 convention!

Our lucky winner will then be contacted by our admin team. We'll work with you to determine what services you need and where to find them. You select your services and inform us. We pay the vendors directly! It's that easy!

sponsored artist applications are currently closed.

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