February Patreon Promo w/ ProWritingAid

Hey Hivemind!

Okay, this is a huge deal. The amazing folks over at ProWritingAid have been kind enough to offer us a partnership for February, and it could be big news for you!

ProWritingAid is powerful grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor software that maximizes the impact of your written word. It comes with integrations for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Open Office, Google Docs, and Scrivener. It provides customized reporting on your personal writing trends. And it's available for Mac and PC.

Honestly, there are so many features to the tech that it's impossible to cram into a blog post. You should really go check out their site. (It's awesome.)

Not only is ProWritingAid participating in our WriteHive 2020 convention in April, they're also offering YOU a deal.

If you sign up to the WriteHive Patreon in February, you'll be entered into a raffle for a chance to win ONE WHOLE YEAR of the ProWritingAid software totally FOR FREE! That is an absolutely incredible deal!

Okay, so... it's not totally free. You'll obviously have to donate money to WriteHive. But it's not a lot. We have $2, $5, and $10 options available, and all of them come with some pretty rad stuff. We take care of our Patrons. You'll get access to exclusive author interviews, a monthly e-book from one of our participating authors, raffle prizes, and all sorts of monthly surprises. We're also very careful about your money. Each month, you'll receive an earnings report detailing EXACTLY where your money is going, so you never have to wonder.

And! As if that wasn't enough!

Our Patrons will be deciding the winner of our WriteHive Sponsorship Program at the end of the convention.

Plus, our donations are going to the winner of that Sponsorship Program and really helping change someone's life.

So, you get the chance to win amazing writing software, you get access to all the cool Patreon stuff we do, and you get to make a positive impact in someone's life.

For as little as two bucks a month, that's an overwhelmingly good deal. (Our hands are tired just typing it all out!)

Check out our Patreon and donate if you can. It'll be well worth your time! You have until the very end of February, but don't wait! You don't want to forget about this awesome opportunity and miss your chance. This could seriously upgrade the way you write, which could mean a serious boost to your success.

We hope you'll take advantage of this awesome deal!

Until next time. :)

Buzz buzz.

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