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The Book Nook is the best place to gush about your favorite book, get new book recommendations, and 'meet' your next new favorite author. Our two Book Bloggers in Residence, Kriti and Arina lead discussions, host read-a-thons, organizing blog tours and AMAs. Join the discussion, bring a book, pull up a mic, and get ready. We have events for nearly every genre of fiction. 

Meet our book bloggers!

Kriti Khare

Books have always played a pivotal role in my life. When I learned about the book blogging profession, I could not help joining the community! For the first time in my life, I had people I could talk to wholeheartedly about books.

Book blogging gave me a new reason to read and write - to connect with authors and to connect them with other people - readers like you.


Thank you for accompanying me in this journey.

Feel free to take a look around and connect with me on various social media. I love talking to my readers and would be happy to have a chat, anytime! Bonus points if you have a kitty or a puppy. I have done much reading thanks to Fiona settling by my feet.

Book Blogger in Residence

Check out Kriti's blog, Armed with a Book or find her on Twitter!

Arina first discovered stories through her grandparents, who would regale her with tales of misbehaving kangaroos and gentle untailed monkeys, igniting a spark that would spread the wildfire of her love for books. Currently, she mostly braves the wild worlds of SFF but is actually a sucker for any great journey no matter its realm.

Arina N.

Book Blogger in Residence

Check out Arina's blog, The Paperback Voyager or find them on Twitter!

Book Nook events

Going on Now!


Graphic Novel August

August is all about the graphic novel and manga. Hop on the discord to join the conversation

Archive Events


Readalong July


Readalong with us as we read Empire of Sand by Tashi Suri


Sci-Fi June

June was all about Science Fiction. Check out Kriti's blog to see how it went.


Fantasy May

May was all about fantasy. Check out Kriti's blog to see how it went.

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